A+W iCut:
Optimize cutting – Edit orders – Manage storage

Even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly using state-of-the-art software solutions to remain competitive on the market. Automate your most-used functions in the office, storage, and cutting with an integrated IT system! A+W has developed a custom-tailored solution for small and medium-sized companies:
A+W iCut – the first step toward the digitalization of your company.

Highly integrated: order processing and cut optimization
A+W iCut includes complete order entry and master data management systems. Create customers and products easily and quickly and use a clear interface to enter insulated glass, TG, LAMI, and other glass types, as well as the necessary edge processings. Calculate the total price for the order based on the item prices entered. Then optimize your cutting. With the integrated Production Manager you transfer the orders entered to the optimization with a mouse-click, and here you have a choice of different optimization methods.


Manage glass storage digitally
Manage your glass storage digitally and use automatic synchronization with the optimization – after cutting, A+W iCut automatically updates the inventory. You know at all times which kinds of glass are available in storage in what quantity and which ones might have to be re-ordered.

Use residual plates optimally with A+W iCut
Another crucial feature of A+W iCut is a system for managing residual plates. This way, you ensure that in addition to the stockplates, the optimization also considers your valuable residual plates in order to achieve the best yield. This is an option that distinguishes state-of-the-art optimization systems from less capable ones: and you get more for your money!

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