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Your business is unique! With this uniqueness comes challenges and opportunities. Both eventually help businesses create value for themselves but their customers. Implementing or upgrading your current software system is one such opportunity many business overlook, according to research. As the window and door industry moves towards Industry 4.0, smart factories, and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers must keep up with the needs of their customers as well as their competition. Consequently, more and more manufacturers are looking to replace outdated processes or software systems with industry-proven solutions built specifically with their needs in mind. 

Thinking of implementing or upgrading your current processes or software system? Over the years, there are nine signs we've recognized to indicate the need to implement or upgrade software. When you buy new equipment you have the opportunity to rethink your software strategy. The sames holds true for companies tracking orders with paper and spreadsheets. These are just two signs that indicate the need to start a discussion with a knowledgeable partner. 

We at A+W Software are passionate about providing world-class software for window, door, and roller shutter manufacturers. In our 40+ years in the industry, we've found that outdated software or systems can hold a business back from its full potential. That's why we created A+W Cantor software specifically built for window, door, or roller shutter manufacturers. When we developed it, we built it to create value for your business. When you implement our software at your facility (facilities), it is tailored to your needs.

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